Fembodyverse: An Inner-Stellar Adventure into Womanhood

“...a message worth shouting from the rooftops and disseminating to every woman in the universe.”
-Rob Slaven
Seventeen-year-old Estelle has one wish--to feel like a woman--and believes losing her virginity will give her this magical feeling.

When her plan heartbreakingly fails, an inner-body adventure beckons, and her superficial life changes forever.

From her pinky toe to the top of her head, Estelle takes a journey of a lifetime through her embodied cosmos. She cavorts with creatures, unravels mysteries and meets unforgettable friends as she courageously claims her majestic value from the inside out.

Fembodyverse chronicles the adventures of a new superheroine of our time; Estelle is here to infuse the world with inside-out brilliance, power and value for women, girls and humans everywhere. 
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*Not just for females; men love this book too!

“Pushing beyond every edge of creativity and insight, this author had given us a look at the transition from girl to woman...that has never been done before. It is fresh, exciting...it's an adventure that is out of this world…Estelle is the stuff of legend...[an] ordinary girl whose journey shows her what she is capable of, and therefore what we are all capable of. —-Shannon Lastowski

“It is a testament of one woman's evolution that can serve as a beacon and a way for all those desiring liberation, seeking clarity, and hoping to find the best archetypal heroes within themselves.” —-Amazon Customer

“...the main character's journey is filled with experiences that awaken a lost sense self-worth. In today's teenage girls this seems to often be a trait woefully missing…This is a writer with a message that entertains as well as informs.” -Barry Sharpe

“...not only for young women, but for anyone who wants a story to wake them up, to help them let go of worn out ideas…and be unafraid to recreate themselves with unabashed delight.” -Lynne Michelson
Chapter 4. The Voice
          It was over in less than ninety seconds.
          A minute later, Robert was snoring beside her. Estelle pulled her dress and shawl out from amid their entanglement and spread their warmth over her. She scooted herself over to the crooked, broken threshold of their little shack in the woods and stared up into the starry sky holding the ample moon through the giant trees. Her body still buzzed from all the--whatever it was. She wrapped her shawl more tightly around her shoulders and breathed out a shuddering sigh.
I did it. It’s done.
He loves me, he loves me, he....does...
         Estelle felt pummeled, not passionate; disoriented rather than fulfilled, lost within a hollowness that that left her unsure of what to think or do next.
“So, do you feel like a real woman?” she heard a soft, silken voice ask with a giggle.
         She jumped up, and whipped around fiercely to look at Robert, who was still sleeping. Her heart began thumping as her breath grew shallow; suddenly she felt dizzy, as if poised above an infinitely deep crevice.
         “Well, do you?” the voice asked mockingly. “Did that special act create that special womanly feeling inside?”
          Estelle spun back around. She peered outside the shack and saw nothing. She jumped into her dress and wrapped her shawl protectively around herself, then grabbed the flashlight and stumbled out of the shack over to the nearest tree. She crouched, and beamed the light across the forest while she held her breath.
           “Is someone here?” she whispered, terrified.
           “Of course there’s someone here! Who do you think runs this joint?” the voice replied.
           Estelle swung the flashlight in the opposite direction. “Joint?” she breathed.
           “Yes, joint…not the one you smoke--the one that is even now expanding within you!”
           “Within me?! What are you talking about?!” Her voice grew louder as she slashed the light through the woods again. “Who are you?! Where are you?!”
           “Dear girl, I am not out where. I am in here. I am within you.”
           Her head began to swim. “You, whateverplease! I--I--you cannot be within me! You’re too loud and--and…” And too obnoxious, she thought crazily.
           “Oh, I do like your chutzpah! How it so quickly rises to the occasion! Except not so much with dear Robert, I see.”
           “What?! Where are you?!” Estelle spat.
           Maybe I should wake up Robert.
           She flashed her eyes back toward the shack where he slept, dead to the world.
           “I told you, dear girl. I'm inside of you,” the voice said reproachfully. “Oh, go ahead and look, if you must. Look for me everywhere. Look for me under a rock, or in Bobby’s loud nose. Look for me inside the starlight, the moonlight, or in a lover’s sight. I'm nowhere to be found dear girl-who-wants-to-be-a-woman! Didn’t you get the memo? The only place to find me is--within.”
           “What on--how do you know what I--what I--want? Who the hell do you think--?" Estelle shook her head and bobbed her flashlight back around the massive whispering trees. I must be losing it. I have to pray.
           She crouched to her knees and cupped the flashlight between her trembling hands; its beam shot straight up into heaven.
           “Dear Father God, please take this--this voice away from me!”
           “Oh, good old Father God. He’s a dear pal,” the voice chirped.
           “What!” Estelle’s eyes burst open like popped corn.
           “Oh yes, FG and I go way back. What if I told you…he sent me?”
           Estelle stood up, her skin rippling with goose bumps. She turned off the flashlight. The trees fell silent. She searched the starry sky, as if to see her dear Father God looking down upon her.
           “Are you an angel?” she whispered, slowly and reverently.
           “Well, you might call me that, but my friends call me, Pudi. You know, a bit like pudding. But my nomen plenus is, Pudi Emufte'--at your service, my dear.”
           Estelle drew a deep breath. “Am I in trouble?” she blurted, her mind racing back across those ninety seconds with Robert.
           “Ha ha haaa heeee hee hooo hoooo…” Pudi laughed long and hard. “Oh my goodness, Dear One, the last thing you are is in trouble. No, no, you’re just, shall we say…a bit too external.”
           “External? What does that mean?!” Estelle pleaded, feeling a bit feistier now that she wasn’t in trouble. “Lemme get this straight. You’re a quasi angel who can’t be seen--”
           “I said I can be seen. On the inside!”
           “On the inside? How in the world can you see anything on the inside?!”
           “Dear girl-to-be-woman, a whole universe awaits you inside. I, Pudi, am simply your galactic guide for your mission.”
           “My mission?”
           “Oh yes, the grandest mission indeed--the one you’ve prayed for.
           “But, I prayed to feel like a real woman!” she cried, a sudden sadness roiling up within her throat.
           The conversation paused, as if in silent expectation. Estelle stood still, her eyes warming wet and drippy. Until now, her entire night had seemed so--so un-special. The tears etched her defeat down her face. She knew with a certainty sworn from the soul that she felt nothing like a real woman. She glanced at Robert still snoring away inside the little shack, and swallowed back the mild revulsion constricting her throat. She then stretched her widening eyes toward the twinkling, beckoning sky. Maybe Father God is answering my prayer…
           Estelle turned back toward the voice, directionless though it was, and wiped her mascara-smudged eyes.
           “Okay,” she said with sniffle, “whatever this is--a mission, or whatever--I am ready to do whatever it takes to feel like a real woman.”