An Inner-Stellar Adventure into Womanhood

“a message worth shouting from the rooftops and disseminating to every woman in the universe.”

Seventeen-year-old Estelle has one wish—to feel like a real woman—and believes losing her virginity will give her this magical feeling.
When her plan heartbreakingly fails, an inner-body adventure beckons, and her superficial life falls apart.

From her pinky toe to the top of her head, Estelle takes a journey of a lifetime through her embodied cosmos. She cavorts with creatures, unravels mysteries and meets unforgettable friends as she courageously claims her majestic value from the inside out.

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“Pushing beyond every edge of creativity and insight, this author had given us a look at the transition from girl to woman...that has never been done before. It is fresh, exciting...it's an adventure that is out of this world…Estelle is the stuff of legend...[an] ordinary girl whose journey shows her what she is capable of, and therefore what we are all capable of. —​​-Shannon Lastowski

“It is a testament of one woman's evolution that can serve as a beacon and a way for all those desiring liberation, seeking clarity, and hoping to find the best archetypal heroes within themselves.” —-Amazon Customer

“...the main character's journey is filled with experiences that awaken a lost sense self-worth. In today's teenage girls this seems to often be a trait woefully missing…This is a writer with a message that entertains as well as informs.” -Barry Sharpe

“...not only for young women, but for anyone who wants a story to wake them up, to help them let go of worn out ideas…and be unafraid to recreate themselves with unabashed delight.” -Lynne Michelson