Michele Elizabeth

I am an inside-out storyteller, a humorist, and a creator of delight from the ashes of despair. The gift of a delusional childhood started an early crusade into truth and liberation. My books have been healers, cheering sections, experimental labs and great celebrations of this wild and wacky life. 

White Butterfly

Beginning my adult life, at 21, I had a mental breakdown. I discovered my mother wasn't spiritually eccentric, but clinically insane. My life had been built on a pile of lies—especially spiritual and religious ones.

As a young child, God was everything to me. My mother, in her undiagnosed sickness, took the sacred and twisted it into a power-hungry narcissism. As an adult, on that day I broke down, I went from being a pretty, powerful and put-together persona to a shaking, insecure mess.

There was only one thing to do—breakdown completely. Then, purge the old and liberate myself. ​That’s when I started writing White Butterfly: A True Story .

White Butterfly is not for the faint of heart, yet it’s for anyone wanting to tear apart his or her old life to find truth. It’s for the one who knows they feel trapped in a façade built by their upbringing or culture. With fire-burning intensity to heal, I reveal the terror, paranoia and deficiency one crosses through to arrive at sanity, freedom and joy.


In my 30's, while attending graduate school for transpersonal psychology, I decided psychology needed to become both visual and fun to help people really grok their inner worlds. So, I wrote a fiction book called, Fembodyverse: An Inner-Stellar Adventure into Womanhood . It’s really an animated, techicolor, Disney extravaganza film packed into book pages (currently making it’s way to the big screen).

At 34, I had a big question: Do I feel like a real woman? Or, do I still feel like a girl? Am I half and half? Yes, sort of. So, I set off on an inquiry into real womanhood and realized it’s not a bunch of identities cobbled together to create Woman. It’s a feeling. A fully embodied feeling. It’s taking full responsibility for your entire life and your damaged past. It’s about fully inhabiting your body—from toes to head. It’s about healing yourself. And, it’s about growing up into full human adulthood.

Fembodyverse is a journey of reclaiming full authority of one’s body and mind, taking the reigns out of society’s hands and discovering one’s inherent divinity - all packed in a subterranean and humorous joyride.​