Michele Elizabeth
Author of... 
​- White Butterfly: A True Story
- Fembodyverse: An Inner-Stellar Adventure into Womanhood
At 21, Elizabeth wrote White Butterfly after discovering her mother wasn't just spiritually eccentric, but clinically insane. Her entire life a lie, her persona built on delusion—there was only one thing to do—breakdown, purge the old and liberate herself. 

In her 30's, she turned psychology into an animated and technicolored extravaganza in Fembodyverse . Her questions on womanhood, society's pressure-cooking conformity, religious guilt and true autonomy are answered through this fictional joyride.
Michele's been interviewed on TV and radio. Her childhood story has been featured on the Discovery Life channel. She's been a counselor, a chaplain and many other incarnations. She has a master's in transpersonal psychology and splits her time between Europe and the San Francisco Bay Area.